How To Wear a 2 Button Polo Shirt?

How To Wear a 2 Button Polo Shirt?

Veli Sevim

Polo shirts are a trendsetter among all the other popular fashion articles worldwide. Nobody can deny that the rich collection of uniquely designed shirts by Polo is unmatched. It is famous among all men and women of different age groups for its consistent performance and signature styling.

The shirt is simple in design yet, it speaks louder than its presence in the market. Many celebrities all over the world prefer wearing 2 button polo shirts for casual and private meetings. Its quality stuff makes the user more comfortable and used to it.

Many individuals get irritated when they accidentally buy the first copy of the product. You don’t need to look for this article in your local market. But you can explore and buy original Polo shirts online avoiding every possible obstacle ahead of your buying decision.

Keep reading further to know about the exact way to wear these elegant shirts offered by Polo:


1.     Button up At Least One Button

It is recommended that if you are wearing a Polo shirt, you should button up at least one button out of two or three respectively. It adds a factor of decency to your dressing style. Polo shirts represent class and sophistication.

2.     Color Options

You should buy and try out some plain yet bright color polo shirts on denim or formal trousers. It would look much better if you carried a smart outfit with classy color shirts.

3.     Maintain The Quality

You must maintain these shirts for a higher level of performance and durability. You need to wash them regularly and dry them in the natural sunlight. Keep them tidy and properly folded in your wardrobe while not in use.

4.     Spend On Quality Polo Shirts

Many people commit such mistakes while buying a shirt for themselves. You should always look for quality over convenience pricing. Paying a little more for a premium quality product would help you manage costs better.

5.     Tuck-In or Tuck-Out

It is up to you if you wish to opt for a tuck-in style or a tuck-out one for the Polo shirt. But you should do so according to the purpose of the event you are invited to. You should tuck in the shirt while going for a business meeting, but you can always take the liberty to keep it tucked out while going for a casual meeting or a date plan.


1.     Avoid Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

You should avoid buying or wearing long-sleeved Polo shirts as they don’t look classic. Polo shirts are known for seasonal small-sleeve shirts made of synthetic or pure cotton material. Long-sleeved shirts are not easy to manage and are uneasy to wear during long active days.

2.     Avoid Wearing Athletic Polo Casually

Athletic Polo shirts are crafted and designed for sports activities and physical outdoor games like golf and lawn tennis. You should not wear a sports polo shirt for a casual meeting or private party event.

3.     Don’t Wear Large Logo Shirts

It has been observed that some individuals are brand freaks, and they love to flaunt the brand name they are caring for. Many individuals buy a shirt with a large logo design of Polo on it. But you should avoid wearing such shirts if you want to maintain your classy look.

4.     Don’t Wear Undershirt

You shouldn't wear an undershirt with a polo shirt as they are designed to be worn alone. If you do so, it may pop up the shirt from various corners. It will help you maintain proper airflow inside the shirt.

5.     Pop The Collar   

You should avoid popping up the collar of your Polo shirt as its collar is not meant for such styles. It can ruin your classy and sophisticated image. Though many people try such things and fail to carry an adorable presence.

Get Polo Shirts Online

You don’t need to look for these high-quality colored shirts by Polo in your local market as you can purchase them from a trusted fashion outlet. Explore a wide range of polo colors, designs, patterns, and sizes while you can compare them all together there and then.

Buying them online would be great fun as you can discuss the buying decision with your family and friends. You can save its URL link and share it with your friends and relatives for an opinion. Pay online to avoid any kind of problems and to do safe virtual transactions from your bank account.


Now, if you have got the idea about how to carry a polo shirt, then you should not wait any further. Try it out once for yourself, and you would be convinced to have a wonderful collection of polo shirts in different colors. Place Your Order Today & Enjoy Wearing These Cool Polo Shirts.