From humble beginnings Wear Sierra has become a provider of fashionable apparel that can be worn for any occasion. We also carry a line of accessories that are unique and will compliment your special look. Everything from handbags to scarfs – our line of exquisite fashion wear is growing.  But that’s not the whole story.

We have a passion for textile products that feel and look great. We also have a passion for Mother Nature. That’s why when we began bringing socks, and now briefs, shirts and other apparel to market, we always strive to use earth/people friendly yarns and fabrics that enable us to be good stewards of our resources and our planet.

 Many of our products are “Free Trade” items. We support artisans throughout the world so they can earn a fair wage through the sale of their products. Many of the artisans we support live in small villages in Turkey. Social responsibility is important to us as we bring new products to market and explore new technologies that reduce waste and water consumption in the manufacturing process.

For years we were strictly a private label company selling to the retail giants. Our overall strategy has evolved to allow us more control over what we bring to market, how it is produced, and who it supports. For this reason, we now bring our products directly to consumers. Our manufacturing and social responsibility are held to a high standard as we continue to be accountable to you, and to ourselves.

Change starts with us and we are proud of the organization we have become. With great customers like you who share our values, we will continue to grow and make this world a little bit better - one product, one client at a time.

Thank you for being a Wear Sierra customer. And please feel free to connect with us and let us know if there are products and styles that you would like to see us carry.

While our individual fashion tastes may differ, we are in this together.

Happy fashioning!
The Wear Sierra Team