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Waves Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings - Colorful Clay Earring Accessories


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Handmade earrings made of polymer clay.
All apparatus are gold color
Polymer clay is lead and nikel free.
Earrings are light weight and make for easy wearing.
Ear backs are anti allergic.
Earring nails are reinforced with resin made of non-toxic materials to make them stronger.
Since each earring is handmade,each product may differ slightly from each other.
It is very ideal for those who are allergic to steel material.Its structure is quite flexible,so it is not affected by bending and has a longer life.It is soft and does not sting your skin
Since it takes its color and texture from its own dough,its colors do not bleed or due to dyeing.

Total lenght : 1.57 in
Width : 0.98 in 
Total weight: 0.28 oz

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