Hand Crafted Floral Theme Pendant - Unique Hand Painted Jewelry


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Handmade Necklaces manufactured in a workshop in Turkey. Produced in the form of the traditional art of tile making.

  • Each item is unique since each of them is made individually.
  • Elegant handmade necklace with copper string.
  • The colors and patterns are used that reflect the traditional art of tile making from history.
  • Our product does not lose color vividness for many years. Tiles are known for many years to maintain color vividness.
  • It is a stylish necklace that completes your outfit with vibrant colors.

  • Necklace length: 26 Inches;
  • Pendant average height: 2.25 Inches;
  • Pendant width: 1.50 Inches

It is a great gift for family and friends and a gift box is available.
Products are examples of traditional handmade glazed tiles and ceramics, featuring colorful motifs of plants, animals, and geometric patterns.

Producing çini involves a series of processes. The clay is first shaped, lined, dried, and fired in ovens specifically for çini making. Designs representing local customs and beliefs are then drilled on paper and transferred to the surface with coal dust. Outer contours of the patterns are hand-drawn; the surface is dyed in various colors and then the work is glazed and fired.

  • Packaged with a gift box
  • Made in Turkiye