Options For Modern Ways To Use Of Table Runner

Options For Modern Ways To Use Of Table Runner

Veli Sevim

The table runner is considered as a substitute for the old school table cloth with a motive to cover the table partially or completely. 

It is a smart way to decorate the dining table or any other table in the house. You can make your home furniture look more presentable by putting some beautiful tablecloth pieces on it. 

This blog focuses on giving some ideas to opt for modern ways to use table runners. Keep reading further for more interesting ideas about this article. 

Invite guests at home to showcase your unforgettable hospitality, and do better preparations with eye-catching table runners. 

Your friends, guests, and relatives would love to visit you over and over again as they admire your table décor. Make sure you choose the right ones for your dining table and house theme.

What Is a Table Runner?

The table runner is a soft piece of cloth that covers the dining table partially or edge-to-edge. You can sense well how a table runner is different from a normal tablecloth in design. You can find different types of creative designs of table runners in the market.

These table decorations are made of various types of materials such as; acrylic, cotton, nylon, plastic, silk, wood, and wool. The article is available in different colors, designs, patterns, and sizes targeting different sizes of tables.

You can shop them under a nominal price range that fits your pocket size for decorative items. Make sure you invest in some good stuff to decorate your dining table and other surface-centric furniture.

How It Has Changed Our Ways To Live?

Tablecloths and table runners have beautified the way we decorate our dining table. Because of these small pieces of clothes, you are forced to spend more quality time with your family and friends over lunch or dinner.

This small product is capable of changing the environment for the better in a short-time for a long-lasting impact.

You no longer get irritated by unwanted stains and grease all over the table. These clothes work as a firm base for your dining utensils and other decorative items.

10 Different Ways To Use Table Runner

These are the 10 unique ways to use table runners on your dining table and other furniture;

1.     Center Table Runner

You can buy a long-length table runner to put at the center of the table to give it a new look. You can put some decorative items on it for a better presentation. The partially covered table is a combination of a natural and modified look.

2.     Classical White Table Runner

The majority of dining table cover with runner design domes in different shades of white color. So, if you like to decorate your dining table classically, you should invest in a white table runner.

3.     Colorful Table Runner

The time is changing, and so is the taste of people. You can now purchase table runners in bright and cool color combinations to decorate your dining table more colorful.

4.     Hanging Style Table Runner

Many people prefer covering their dining tables and other tables with an oversized tablecloth that hangs on both sides. It gives a perfect standard look to your table.

5.     Long Table Runner

Long table runners are used for long-size tables. These are available in different cut lengths to cover your dining or office tables. It helps you cover the maximum area of the table corner-to-corner.

6.     Multiple Pieces Table Runner

You can opt for multiple pieces’ table runner sets that include table runners in different shapes and sizes. It helps you decorate your table most innovatively.

7.     Short table Runner

Short table runner is specifically designed for small-size tables. Though, you can put them on a large table as well. But you need to buy a set of multiple pieces in case. It covers the short table perfectly to give a different look.

8.     Side Table Runner

Now, you can decorate your side table that is placed on either side of your bed or near your sofa set. Irrespective of the table size, you can get a perfect match for your side table.

9.     Theme-Based Table Runner

You can shop for theme-based table runner sets to have a different ambiance on your table every week. You would never get bored of dining at home anymore.

10.  Wooden Chair-Table Runner

This is a set of table placemats for chairs and tables. This combo is perfect for your home décor. You can put similar cloth pieces on your tables and chairs.


Table runner is an inseparable home décor accessory that has become a necessity of modern-day society. Your choice of selection defines your taste and interest in home décor. This small product can change the internal environment of your home for a better living experience. If you haven’t tried it yet, get your set of table runners today.